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FITspiration Friday: How It Began

When I started FITspiration Friday back in July, it was something I had never planned on doing. The idea for it was conceived when I was looking for my own inspiration to be fit. I quickly discovered that there are very few places to find it without having to look at other women dressed in next-to-nothing. Everywhere […]

FITspiration Friday: Reverse Before & After

  You know, it’s Friday again. And as I sit to write this, I’m in need of my own FITspiration. I’m struggling to find it today, honestly. So much has happened since last Friday, and I’m fighting my emotions for control over how I eat and exercise. I have had to make several big decisions, […]

FITspiration Friday: Overcome Fear

… For those of you who are new to my blog, Welcome! FITspiration Friday was created to motivate all of us to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday, and encourage each of us to make choices every day that make us as healthy as possible. Watch this quick video and I hope you enjoy […]

FITspiration Friday: Flex Your Mental Muscles

FITspiration Friday is all about inspiring all of us to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday. My goal is to inspire you to make choices everyday to be as healthy as you can be… even when your mind says you can’t. One of the greatest challenges in living a healthy lifestyle is mental resilience. […]

FITspiration Friday: Remember Why

Whew! This week went by fast. How did you do with your goal-setting last week? If you missed last week’s post, go here. It was about how you can achieve anything you want by setting goals and rewarding yourself! I was jumping up and down, doing a little dance, and happy as Ever when a […]

FITspiration Friday: Set Goals + Reward Yourself

I hope you all were blessed and inspired by last weeks Fitspiration post. It was about making choices that will lead you to the life of your dreams. If you missed it, you are more than welcome to check it out here! Another exciting week has gone by and I’m ready for more FITspiration! Time […]

FITspiration Friday: A Choice Away

The other day, in the middle of a long run, I was experiencing some seriously negative self-talk. I was thinking things like Why am I doing this?… I’m going sooo slooow… This is so hard for me… I can’t do this!… My knee hurts… Oh my goodness!!!… PLEASE be over! And if you’re a runner like […]