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The Beginning Of Writing

This. Is hard. Writing a book is one of the most difficult things I have ever done. The decision alone was daunting enough, but actually writing it has opened up a totally new world to me that I’ve never known before. The writing world. As you all know, I am pretty emotional. Not only is […]

My Big Beautiful Book Plan!

OhmyGoodness! I am So excited to share with you this amazing opportunity! . A couple of weeks ago, in efforts to stare my writing fears square in the eye, I decided I’m doing it. There is no turning back. It’s time. With my all-in mindset, I know that I’ve got to do this completely and […]


Before I take off my shoes, let’s get to know each other. I’ll start! I’m Leigh. (Hi!) I am writing my first book! It has been a huge dream of mine since I was first introduced to my writing capabilities in the second grade. This desire has burned inside of me for 16 years now! […]