FITspiration Friday: A Choice Away


The other day, in the middle of a long run, I was experiencing some seriously negative self-talk. I was thinking things like Why am I doing this?… I’m going sooo slooow… This is so hard for me… I can’t do this!… My knee hurts… Oh my goodness!!!… PLEASE be over! And if you’re a runner like me, then I know you know what I’m talking about! And even if you’re not, at one point or another, I know you have experienced some form of negative self-talk in your life. We all do!

What I am about to share with you has the potential to change your life. All you have to do is choose

That day, by the power of Christ within me, I was able to finish my run and reach my goal. How did I do it? Well, honestly, I was sick of listening to all those negative thoughts. They were slowing me down, and I still had a long way to go. I knew I wasn’t going to reach my goal if I listened to them any longer. So, I rudely, but unapologetically, interrupted them to speak with God and said Jesus, Help me! And, by no surprise at all, He did. Immediately, my negative thoughts were silenced and replaced with His stilling voice.

He was telling me to stop doing what my present-self would do, and start doing what the future-self I want to become would do.

In response, I envisioned the woman I want to become. I studied her every thought, appearance, action, decision, response, etc. I was aware of everything about her, and even more-so that I was not her… Yet!

It was in that moment with God that I was provided a new paradigm for creating the life of my dreams; the dreams He so perfectly placed in my heart. I realized that all I had to do was choose what my future-self would choose until I fully become the woman I want to be. In theory, it seems so simple, because, in theory, it is. Stop this. Do that.

Stop thinking negative thoughts. Start thinking Philippians 4:8-type stuff.

Stop complaining about your exercise. Start being grateful for your abilities.

Stop eating junk. Start eating right.

In reality, its harder to do these things. So do you think I finished my run that day? You bet I did! And I’ve been excited about every run since. I am more excited about my life! I’m more excited about making tough decisions, because now I already know the answer! I’m excited about conquering the battles of every day life, because I know how to win them! … All because I can see my future-self and how she would do these things.

Take a minute to watch this fun video as you answer these questions: What is one thing your present-self does that could be replaced with what your future-self would do? OR What is one thing your present-self doesn’t do that your future-self would do? (My A: Because my future-self runs marathons, I will run my first marathon. My future-self doesn’t eat ice cream everyday, so I will stop that! And I will start enjoying it once (or twice;) a week.)

Every day we have a chance to change, a chance to improve, a chance to be better!  You, my friend, have the power to choose, to face your fears, to realize your dreams, to awaken your mind, and to work towards creating the person you want to be tomorrow! You have the power to transform your life! You are writing your own story! Be your own kind of inspiration!

Since this is my first FITspiration Friday post Ever, I want to know what you think! There is so much more where this is coming from and I am very excited to see where it goes.  Leave your response to the question in the comments below and share this post with your friends.

We all need inspiration! What inspires you to get fit/stay fit?

I will see you, right here, next Friday! Remember, with the Spirit of Christ within you, the life of your dreams is just choices away from coming true! 



  1. Kathleen Donlevy · · Reply

    My future self will stop and ask, “will what I’m about to do make me a better person”? If the answer is no than I won’t do it.
    Leigh, I found your blog thru my newsfeed (your Mom’s FB). I love what you have written and will continue to follow you. Keep up the great work.

    1. Yes, what a great question! “Will what I’m about to do make me a better person?” I think all of us can benefit from asking ourselves the same!

      Thanks for sharing, Kate! Glad you stopped by. See you soon!

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