The Ultimate Engagement Gift!

Please forgive the poor photography. I’m currently saving for a nice camera. Until then, I have the Most Wonderful news to share…

The Ultimate Engagement Gift: See below for details.

My Sister Is ENGAGED!! Words fail to express exactly how excited and happy I am for her and her fiancé! So, with lots and lots of love and joy, my Sweet Mother and I put together what I consider the Ultimate Engagement Gift!

It was a week before the engagement that my future brother-in-law came over to get my parents’ approval and I had no idea when he was going to propose! In order to cope with the pressure of knowing about it, I did what any girl would do… I went to Pinterest. After pinning so many bridal shower ideas and awesome proposals, it dawned on me that she follows all my boards! I then began earnestly praying she wouldn’t pick that up as a hint that I knew something she didn’t. Stress!… Thankfully she didn’t. She had no clue!

It was the following Friday evening we got that phone call I have waited for all of my life, letting me know that my one and only Amazing sister was ENGAGED! (Sorry for “shouting”… I can’t seem to type that word without capitalizing it!) I’ve always looked forward to that moment. I’ve always looked forward to this entire wedding season for her! But I never could have prepared for how excited and proud I am of her! I could not be more happy!

It is because I only get to give this gift once in my life that makes it so special. I wanted to make sure I did it just right. So here is everything my Sweet Mother and I included in The Ultimate Engagement Gift:

Feel free to make it your own or use it for inspiration in the future…

1. Fabric Half Bin (Target)

2. Thank You Cards (Target)

3. Post-it Tabs and Pop-up Notes (Target)

4. Ring Pops (Target)

5. Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine (I actually already had this… I get a copy of almost every issue! Who doesn’t Love weddings?!)

6. Brides Magazine (Target)

7. $70 Vista Print Groupon

8. Manicure & Pedicure Gift Certificate (at a local salon)

9. “Let Love Bloom” Journal (Target)

10. The Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer (Books a Million)

11. Bridal Bargains 10th Edition  (Books a Million)

12. Do You Know Your Bride? Quiz Book (Books a Million)

13. Do You Know Your Groom? Quiz Book (Books a Million)

14. Champagne (Publix)

15. Congratulations cards from each of us…  Congratulations, Kathleen! I love you so much!

 Share your own thoughts and ideas! What have you included in your own engagement gifts to others? OR what is the best engagement gift you have received?


Read the comments or add yours.

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