What Are You Waiting For?

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t yet? Think. What is it?


What are you waiting for?!

Is it perfect timing, another degree, getting your ducks in a row, or expecting the next possible obstacle that will make it that much harder?

What are you waiting for? Here is an amazing poem for you by Danielle LaPorte called Now Works.


Now Works

You’re here for a reason.

And that reason is yours to define.

Make it something amazing and really full of love and things that feel hot.

Be unreasonable.

Be scared if you need to be.

Just keep moving.



Please don’t settle.

Just keep choosing.

Make lots and lots of choices.

You are writing the movie script of your life.

Desire. Lights. Action! (Some tears.)

You’re a hero on an adventure.

This is it. This is the adventure.

Creativity. Change. Livelihood. Art. People. Leadership. Legacy.

Score. Money. Gain. Failure. Pride. Industry. Simple. Love.


Oh, love.

It’s all about love in the end.

And in the beginning.

So start now, today, here.

Let it be simple. Easy. Electric.

Be surprised, be new, be true, be you.


Find more of her goodness here. 



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