An Open Book

Speaking of masks, are you good at hiding your emotions or is your face an open book?

According to recent research, Americans are the least likely culture to hide their facial expressions due to the importance of individual autonomy and power.

This was interesting to read, because it made me feel better about myself. I tend to be one of those open books. I can’t hide what I’m thinking or feeling, no matter how hard I try.

I’ve always said I need to take a “facial expression control class” if it ever existed!

Are you good at hiding your emotions or is your face an open book?



  1. Much more open than I’d like!

  2. I like this post because I’m a behavioral scientist. Part of the work I do involved recognizing micro expressions and “reading people’s faces.” Nice to know that the work is easier here in the U.S. than around the world!

    1. How fascinating! I love learning and that just has me intrigued. The study said that Russians show the least facial expressions.

      Thanks for reading. I wish you well in your studies!

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