A Test Of Character

Remember a few weeks ago, I posted about defining your core values… again. This wasn’t the first time. So, obviously they are now a big part of my life!

They give me focus and direction when I feel lost or stagnant. They remind me who I really am when I face moments of inadequacy and doubt. They also point me in the right direction when my life compass goes haywire.

Knowing my core values totally rocks my world. And it can do that for you too.

As you know, in my last post about core values, I put them into practice by writing one on the top of each day in my daily planner through January 2013. It sounds like it might take forever, but it just took a few minutes… and it was totally worth it.

Here’s why.

Do you ever feel like your character is being tested? You could be stretched at work, have trouble with the kids, conflict in relationships, drama in the family, crazy deadlines at school. There are so many ways our character is tested everyday whether we notice it as an opportunity or not.

Here’s what I mean.

What I usually do before I go to bed is go over my planner and picture my way through the next day. I imagine how I go about doing everything with ease and a positive outlook. Then I look at the core value written at the top of the page for that day and picture putting it into practice with whatever I face.

Recently, there have been a few times when I was ready to sleep and not even think about the next day yet, so I would skip over that process. But, I found it continues to work in me whether I initiate it or not.

Here’s my example.

The other day, I was having a hard time keeping calm and collected. The entire day, I was constantly catching myself speaking a little less gently than I’d like to. Then, I was on my way home from work and the traffic was like no other day I had driven home before! There Had to be a brutal accident just ahead, because I was going no. where.

Then, I had a thought. You know, I didn’t look at my value for today… it’s got to be patience.

So I reached over to the passenger seat where my bag was, grabbed my daily planner and looked at the value I had written there weeks before. Sure enough, it was patience.

All I could do from that point on was laugh. I knew I was being tested! Oh, and I just went back through each moment of the day where I had failed and barely passed! It was comforting to know that I somehow still have my back even when I’m not looking!

Does that make sense at all?

No, I’m sure not, but I know that there is a God who holds all things together for a perfect purpose in it’s perfect time. That’s my only explanation.

So how are you putting your core values into practice? Let me know in the comments bellow!


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