A Thing Called Love

My dad has tons of old records we’ve reminisced and listened to all my life. So, for father’s day, my siblings and I got him a turn table that converts records into mp3 files. Today I was browsing through some records and found lots of good ones to record. I’ve always been a fan of Johnny Cash, but I found this poem on the back of his album, A Thing Called Love, and it made me love his heart and passion even more. I could not help but want to share it with you. Here’s the poem…

Sometimes when I am singing

I look into the blue light

And I see dusty roads and green lush meadows

I put myself into another time and place

I sing a song that has long ago become second nature to me

And I think about tomorrow

I talk to you from my heart in between these songs

Song after song after song

And I know that you understand

That I am proud that you have listened

Your enthusiasm overwhelms me

I am embarrassed

But I try to not let you know

Then I sing a gospel song

And I reach up and grab a handful

And I start feeling the power of love

And a chill goes down my spine

And my hands get hot from emotion

And I suppose my eyes dilate

For my excitement becomes more and more intense

I shout the words

And there’s love in every word I shout

Because the love from Him

Is going through me to you

I look down at you

And there you are

Sweet people

Reaching up for me

Oh how I wish I could tell you

How the power of the love goes through me to you

And comes back to me from you

And when you reach your hands up to me

My heart is bursting

I am weeping for joy inside

I want to reach down

And hold all of you

Touch you

But anything I could do

Wouldn’t really explain how wonderful I feel

So I step back

And smile at you

And take a bow

It’s beyond me

It’s above me

It’s a gift of God

This thing called love

 -Johnny Cash


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