Stop Trying + Live

May you live all the days of your life. – Jonathan Swift

It is impossible to be perfect. 

It is impossible to control. 

We try so hard.

I try all. the. time.

Persistently?… Yes!

But listen here…

There are a zillion reasons why we beat ourselves up or wear ourselves to raw bone, but none of them worth the life we waste actively protecting them! None.

Most of the time when I find myself on the verge of overwhelm or drowning in the very depths of it,

 I notice one thing … 

… it’s the same every time.

“God! Why am I doing this?!” 

We so gumptiously pursue perfection & control, that we sabotage our quality of life. Sadly, not all of us get to this revelation. Not all of us stop for a single moment to ask why! We continue until we feel life has very little meaning at all. It becomes a pattern. A lifestyle. Then, having our own “lifestyle” somehow means we have a “life”, right?! … Sometimes. Maybe?

See how the uncertainty still hovers?

Here’s the truth. The “why” becomes irrelevant when you lose yourself in pursuing it. It no longer holds value if you cannot remember what passion drove you to seek it in the first place!

Does any of this sound familiar? Like you’ve been there before? Maybe twice or more?

Share it! Your story.

No matter how many times you have this revelation, it will always be relevant. It will be relevant to who you are Now. In this moment. What you do with today. How you love. How you serve. How you breathe life in… How you approach “trying”.

What’s your approach?

Share it in the comments below! And if you haven’t done it already, don’t forget to enter your email address and SUBSCRIBE!

Truth + Life + Fresh Air



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