Secrets: Holding Them Under

Massive destruction comes from little secrets that keep growing.

Do you remember playing in the water when you were younger? Some of my fondest memories are during those sweet summer days with neighborhood friends. We would have the best time pool-hopping from one backyard to another. Even skipping from one neighborhood to the next. We’d spend days at each others’ houses without a care in the world.

(Oh, take me there!)

We were young, full of energy, and ready for attack! We’d be laughing and having fun, then out from behind or underneath the water, came the dunker! Someone was always being pushed, pulled or scared under by the shooting of a water gun with the strength of a fire hose! Gosh, and sometimes even the freezing rain cast by holder of the yard sprinkler!

When the running, squealing, splashing and teasing would trickle to an end, usually by mutual surrender of exhaustion, by default we’d all lay out in the sun, relax on our floats, or even nap.

In a way, this is how I see the life of a secret. Like trying to hold a beach ball underwater, it takes all your body strength, you become exhausted, and while you’re still trying to keep it under, it slips right through your arms and pops up to the surface! And the deeper you hold it, the higher it flies through that bright hot summer sky, totally exposed!

Can you see it? We try so hard to keep our secrets under the surface, but they are always, without fail, exposed!

One secret I kept for 18 years… Try holding a beach ball under water that long!

I’m not sharing all my secrets with you today, but I will tell you this: Exposing my secrets keeps me ALIVE!

Maybe you are exhausted every single day and have no idea why! If it’s nothing else, I promise it’s your secrets! And I’m not talking about the stick of gum you stole from your mother’s purse when you were little. The secrets that destroy, are the ones you keep for the protection of someone’s reputation. Whether it’s your own or someone else’s. Those are the secrets, that destroy decades of life! They destroy souls!


In the next two posts, you will get a glimpse of some of my biggest, deepest, darkest secrets! I hope you stick around! You’re gonna want to read them!

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I’ll see you soon!

(   (  ( (Leigh.) )  )   )



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