In The Mood?

Yesterday, it hit me. I was in the mood!

As you know, I am back home with my parents as I continue treatment, so doing whatever whenever isn’t really an option like it is when I’m on my own.

One thing I absolutely love doing at my home when I have the time and I’m all alone is cooking and baking my heart out. I love love finding the best recipes and then tweaking them up to make them even better… and my own!

Most people, myself included, groan at the thought of cooking for one or even two! But, when I’m in the mood for it, I love being able to take my time and try new things with no other picky opinions but my own. (and maybe Savannah’s;) ) This is when my most brilliant recipes are born.

Since I’ve been home with my family, I haven’t really felt like cooking or baking much. You know, when you’re living on your own, you make a bad dish and you can share it with the dog or just stick I out until you can afford your next fixing extravaganza! But here, it’s different. If you mess up, you get “Oh, don’t waste that!” followed by an eye roll or two. Yeah… I don’t do well having others “tolerate” my not-so-yummy mistakes. So, I’d rather just eat what’s already on the menu and save everyone’s taste buds.

Anyway, I was on my way home from therapy yesterday and I couldn’t take it anymore! I just had to cook something. So I went home and asked my mother if she was fixing dinner. She said she was going to make Chicken Alfredo, so (heck Yes!) I offered to help.

Yeah – I pretty much took over her kitchen and cooked the entire meal! It felt so good that I wanted to do more! So, I’m cooking dinner again tonight!

I’m not sure what I’m going to fix, but I know it’s going to need lots of pasta. We had plenty of it left over! If you have any ideas, I am all ears! I love trying new things!

Stick around long enough and you’ll find out what I come up with! I cannot wait!

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I’ll check in with you guys later tonight & let you know how things go! 😉 See you then!

Lots of love + cuteness!



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