Feel Like Listening?

All I want to do is talk now. I just want to sit here with you and talk things out.

When I was in the hospital, and later when I did long-term partial, it was the most healing process to wake up every morning and talk.

We had our group sessions where I could talk about what was on my mind, who I hated, who I loved, what I wanted to do, what I shouldn’t have done, how I wish I said this or could have done that. I could talk about the disturbing dreams I was having. I could talk about that filthy creature that had his way with me when I was a child. I could talk about how I felt, who I loved and what I wanted. I could talk about my fears and complain as much as I wanted. I could cry my brains out or just sit there and not say a word at all.

There was something magical about having a place to go in the morning and hash it out with my life. It was cleansing in ways no medical doctors, yoga instructors, therapists, spiritual leaders, or best friends could ever match. In a matter of moments I could feel the heat of sun beaming on me as that heavy cloud around me blew over for the day . It gave me mind space to be aware of the present moment. It cleared my cluttering past emotions and gave me the room to think for today.

Speaking. Saying what you need to say.

Does this outward act do anything inside of you? Tell me about it!

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  1. Talking helps with me, but I need to feel comfortable which takes me a while. So normally when in the hospital, a partial program or IOP I don’t say much but at individual therapy it is an extreme release, one much needed usually every week.

    1. Isn’t it? I wish I could have that everyday!

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