My Big Beautiful Book Plan!

OhmyGoodness! I am So excited to share with you this amazing opportunity!


A couple of weeks ago, in efforts to stare my writing fears square in the eye, I decided I’m doing it. There is no turning back. It’s time.

With my all-in mindset, I know that I’ve got to do this completely and do it right! And the only way I could do that is with the help of the VERY BEST!

Linda Sivertsen!

She recently co-authored a digital program with white-hot author and blogger Danielle LaPorte called Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. This program is all about getting your words and genius out into the universe in the most streamlined, elegant, and effective way possible. Pronto!


Back to my story!

I was interested in Your Big Beautiful Book Plan, but still felt like I needed to go FURTHER to pursue this writing dream that’s been brewing inside for almost two full decades! (Gosh. Can you believe I’m old enough to even say that?! Time is like trying to hold an ice cube without letting it melt! It slips right through your fingers…!) So, I went back to Linda’s website looking for MORE!

“By far, the BEST way to work with me is in Carmel, live and in person on one of my retreats.”


Yes! THIS is what I’m looking for!


So I registered for more information… not knowing what to expect of it and certainly not getting my hopes up, I carried on. —-> The very next day! She emailed me herself! (and the choirs sang!) She had already reviewed my registration AND checked out my blog! What?!


“Your writing is beautiful (extremely), as is your blog, and I can feel your passion for turning your challenges into healing for others. That’s awesome, and so needed in the world. “ — That’s what she wrote!!!
I still can’t believe it. But I so do. 😉
I responded with great appreciation for her feedback and, sadly had to step back into reality. Truth is, I’ve been unemployed since December 5, 2011 when I was hospitalized for major depression and suicidal ideations. I was later discharged on January 11, 2012. It cost me a FORTUNE! My psychiatrist signed off my Federal Medical Leave through March 2 to give me time to adjust to “the real world” and settle in at my parents home. That’s right. I moved back home.
In the last week of February my new psychiatrist confirmed my subtle fear. I was in no condition to go back to work. The next few days I spent successfully avoiding that truth and did nothing about it. Finally, with the help of my sweet mother (whose name is also Linda, btw ;), I got the-courage-to-face-this-long-term-unemployed-season-of-my-life-and       resigned.
Hu u  u   u     u      g        e         s             i                 g                     h
That. Was. So. Hard.Breathe.
That was something I don’t think I had done in years. Work. Try. Give. More. Harder. Faster. Better. Longer. Stronger. Faster. More. Faster. More. More. Work. More. That was the bottomless pit I was so intentionally diving into.
A week after I resigned, I began long-term partial hospitalization. Again, this cost me a FORTUNE! For just those first two weeks in December my minimum monthly payment, $2500. (Yes, that is more than 10% of my annual income. ;))
But I’ll let you in on a secret! Come in close… you don’t want to miss this.
Whenever I check my mail and see the bills and the continuous overdraft notifications, and I look down the road at the cost of medications    every      month, and I see my lifetime treatment plan  I   am    filled     with        gladness!
No price is greater than life!
And those simple small numbers saved mine!
Why am I sharing this? 
When you want to be the first to purchase my New York Times #1 Bestseller, I want to direct you to Linda, who’ll say, “Who, Leigh? Oh yeah! She’s right here with me in Carmel, live and in person on one of my retreats.”  YOU can help SEND ME THERE! More information coming soon! 
No matter who you are, you have something inside of you that the world needs more of! You have a story. You have a message. You have advice. You have incredible products, knowledge, connections, resources, passions and desires that are of more worth than you could possibly imagine!
The most important thing is this:
You have a VOICE.

Thought about writing before? What are your biggest writing fears?

Already a writer? How do you get through that fear?

Join the conversation in the comments below! I Love hearing from you guys!

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courage + faith + truth



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  1. you do write beautifully (extremely)! you have a gift, hold on to it strongly with both hands and whatever happens don’t EVER let it go.
    Spend time to take care of you.

    1. How encouraging! I promise I won’t let it go 😉 Spending time to take care of me is a brand new thing for me… and I’ll never be able to let that go either. It has truly been the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life! Thanks for your kind words, Leigh! Talk soon 🙂

  2. […] Until then, I’m accepting the challenge myself! You heard right! Even though we could count my run as the first challenge, let’s say this starts NOW! So, you go do your “thing” and I’ll go work on my BOOK PROPOSAL! […]

    1. Thank you, Kristin!

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