Screw Your Heart, Follow Your Joy

The gifts of your heart are essential to your being in the place your Creator has chosen to manifest His presence. By giving of yourself to His work, from your heart, you are weaving yourself into the greater fabric of His dwelling. His presence then becomes a part of who you are. When you catch yourself giving under compulsion or a sense of obligation, you are working against the gift of your own freewill! You’re working against the uniquely designed gifts within your spirit.  The only motivation behind the work you perform, that fulfills your divine purpose, is joy. The joy of your heart. That’s where the giving of your heart produces peace. That’s where the work of your hands becomes a blessing.

Happening in real-time, people all over the world are working against their own freewill! They are working against the gifts of their Spirit, their purpose, and their heart. This is the product of the mass population of individuals who have no clue how to follow their heart. If you belong to this group of heart seekers, you are beautiful creatures! You are longing and searching for your heart, which means you already have one. Look no further. Instead, pay close attention to its condition. Take note of your fears, but fix yourself on what brings you joy. Where you experience joy the most, there the spirit of your heart resides, waiting patiently for you to Live!

If you continue to struggle with this, it doesn’t have to be so hard. All you have to do is screw your heart. Follow your joy! That’s it. 



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