Before I take off my shoes, let’s get to know each other. I’ll start!

I’m Leigh. (Hi!)
I am writing my first book! It has been a huge dream of mine since I was first introduced to my writing capabilities in the second grade. This desire has burned inside of me for 16 years now! Who knew I would ever be able to say I put something off for that long without exaggerating?! (because I won’t deny, I do that) This is an extremely exciting time for me. It’s the wisest investment I never made in myself… until now!

Back to my epic procrastination crisis, I am known for my compulsive list making. How did this very clear passion of mine never make it to my weekly plan, 3 month plan, 5 year plan, 10 year plan? I sqooshed it out of my overwhelming checklist of future plans (that is now crackling as it settles in the recycling bin) to make room for… I can’t think of anything, but what I have failed to accomplish.

Go ahead… Ask me! If this is really your dream, the why wasn’t it a priority?!

Mm! Calling me out already?! I love it!

I cannot wait to answer this one! Listen carefully, I’ll tell you… I was not my priority.

Can you relate? Tell me about it! — Leave a comment bellow and answer this question:

What is the one thing you can’t go a single day without thinking about?

It’s that thing you compare every other opportunity to. The one you don’t have the money, time, resources, education, support, guts, and every other excuse, to do! Whether you have noticed yet or not, what you are doing is replacing this dream with the false satisfaction you find in following the rules, going through the motions, meeting expectations, over-using “yes”, and over-booking your calendar with boring obligations!

In a nutshell, that’s the story of my life! If it sounds familiar, struck a nerve or sparked a thought, subscribe to the story of my new life. Read more about my journey to where I am now. Watch me rock, and in turn, I’ll show you how!

Wait… We’re not done yet!

It’s your turn!

This is about the story of your life too! Right Now is the best time to make yourself your top priority! Dot it!… I dare you.

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Love yourself!




  1. Hi Leigh I can be Other Leigh:-) … loved your question! What is the one thing you can’t go a single day without thinking about? LEAVING THE CORPORATE WORLD AND BEING ABLE TO MAKE MONEY AND STILL HAVE TIME FOR ME … yes I was shouting … I was shouting from every cliff top out there…. and I’ve been shouting it for the last 3 months … BUT I’m doing something about it. Love you blogg.
    Lovely (love leigh) ahhahahahhahah 🙂 greetings from New Zealand

    1. Leigh, I can hear you all the way over here in the famously hot Columbia, South Carolina! How excited I am for you and your brave new life! I can’t wait to see where you will be in the Next 3 months! Keep me posted, luv!

  2. Love your style!! I can totally relate to your comment “I was not my priority”!! This enlightenment hit me about a week ago when I graduated from college and thought “what now??”.
    Look forward to reading your blogs.. thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Congratulations Girl!! — So proud of you! 7-8 classes a semester? You are Crazy! (Yes, I snuck over to your blog;) ) You are off to a great start. Keep believing! Keep dreaming! And always be your top priority. Always! And if you ever need a reminder, just jump back over here and I’ll remind you!

      1. Thanks love!
        I’m sure I’ll be over here quite a bit… I can relate so well 🙂

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